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I'm Tyler Olson

Every website owner needs search engine optimization so their readers and customers can find them. I want to help you and your business reach its fullest potential online.


Get to know me

My name is Tyler Olson, and I got my start in the SEO industry when I started sports blogging online as a sophomore in college almost 10 years ago. My curiosity as to why the content I produced wasn't ranking in Google SERPs led me through my undergraduate degree in business and straight into a masters program in Digital Marketing.

After four years working in business development in the junior hockey realm, I started my focus solely on digital marketing for a manufacturer. On the side, I joined some internet strangers and helped strategize content for a sports publisher from 0 to nearly 100,000,000 pageviews in just over three years.

Key Services

Here are a few of the key services I provide to help your website perform to the best of its potential.

Keyphrase Research

I'll help identify the key terms your customers use online to find you.

Content Ideation

What questions are people asking, and how can you best help them on their journey?

On-Page SEO

From topics to structure, on-page SEO helps satisfy Google's crawlers.

Partnership Roadmap


SEO Audit

If you have a current website, an SEO audit takes place first. It's important to first identify where your website stands, what keywords ranks for, and tech issues that may be prohibiting pages from ranking, and more.


Action Plan

Once the audit is complete, an action plan is put into place. Tyler starts the keyword research process, identifies new content to produce, and advises on on-page SEO best practices to help meet search engine standards.


Weekly Reporting

Each week, you receive detailed reporting on how your website is performing in search engines. 

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